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I have taken my cars to Westside for years and never once had an issue regardless of size. I highly recommend Westside.


I went there for the first time the week before Thanksgiving and they fixed my 4x4 front differential actuator. They also made a list of other things that needed attention on my vehicle. I couldn't get everything fixed right away and they understood that. I'm a retired disabled vet on a set income so I don't have a lot of funds for expensive repairs and they worked with me on it. I had to bring my car in again because it wouldn't start and they arranged for the towing and everything. I'm glad that I have a service center that I can go to that can meet my needs and is willing to work with me. Their hospitality is always the best and they even offered me a shuttle back home to Altoona from Clive which is a lot more comfortable for me to wait at home because of my disability than waiting all day at the service center or anywhere else. I will definitely be coming back to you for all my service needs.


The employees were very nice, and everything got done well. The only negative parts were that I think the prices were a little high (the quote did match the bill relatively close, however), and my car got done a day later than they estimated. I liked that they told me "these things need to be fixed now. these things can wait, but they need to get done soon, and these can be fixed later". I'll probably come back, but maybe not for big repairs. Oil changes, most definately--they were very nice, and I feel like they didn't take advantage of the fact that I'm a woman.


Westside Auto Pros provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As a young female professional, many times I feel treated unfairly at auto shops, however West Side goes above and beyond to make sure you understand everything and they treat you with respect. They even have ladies nights where they invite women to the shop to learn about cars!


Awesome job. Very competitive with their prices. Will definitely go back.


Ron is the greatest guy in West Des Moines when it comes to the automotive repair industry! Really takes car of his customers and employees! Recommend them to everyone!


I have been here twice. The first was just an oil change. The second time my window would not roll back up. Both times they got me fixed up quick and were plesant to deal with. They email me tips and specials which is pretty cool. I'll keep going back.


*** WORST REPAIR SHOP I HAVE EVER BEEN TO *** DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!! I recently needed my water pump replaced in my vehicle. i came to westside auto because the originally quoted me $350 to do the work. I had 3 other qoutes in the same price range but opted for westside because it was closer to my work than the others. after i scheduled a time i did some reading online and saw all the bad reviews. i almost cancelled my appointment based off of what i read but then i thought that "only people who get poor service write reviews" and i gave them a chance. WORST IDEA EVER ! they contacted me halfway through the day and stated it would be $500 to replace but would not give me a reason for the difference in price. i was needing my vehicle done as soon as possible so i just told them to do the work. 2 days after i had the work done my vehicle started to act funny. the gauges would tick up very high (never happened before), my heat was kicking in and out (never happened before) and it eventually went out 7 days after my "work was done" and now it was leaking engine coolant at a very high rate. my car is not old and is not a junker and this was not anywhere close to being a normal thing. i took my vehicle into my dealer (very trustworthy and where i have always gone except for this one time) and they advised me that the water pump that was put into my vehicle did not have the correct size fittings and therefor was ABSOLUTE JUNK in my vehicle. I had to replace it at my dealer 2 weeks after i had the work done at westside auto. now i went back to westside auto the day after i got my vehicle back in working order with a new water pump that WAS MEANT FOR MY VEHICLE. i let them know what happened and even showed them a write up from a CERTIFIED repair shop showing what was wrong and i was told i would be taken care of and they would respond back to me via phone later that afternoon. i called back in 4 times that afternoon and was blown off each time. NOT ONCE DID SOMEONE TRY TO CONTACT ME BACK AS I WAS TOLD! i finally got a response the next day (again i had to make the contact) and this is what i was told: THEY ARE NICE ENOUGH AND WILLING TO GIVE ME A $200 STORE CREDIT ON A FUTURE REPAIR. **!!!! WWWHHHAAAATTTTTT !!!!*** ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!! I spent $500 on an originally quoted $350 water pump replacement that was done by a negligent repair shop that ended up messing my vehicle up more after the fact and not only do i not get my money back but these jokers think i am going to bring my vehicle in for another future repair ??? And to think that when i brought in the crap water pump they tossed in my vehicle they tried to take it back without giving me that portion of my money also. I wonder how long that would have sat in the shop before they tried to dump in the next person looking for HELP - probably would have gone into the very next car. THIS PLACE IS USELESS IN REPAIR AND EVEN WORSE IN SERVICE. Please believe in all the bad reviews of this "repair" shop and DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING NEAR THIS BUSINESS FOR REPAIR!!! Also read into the positive reviews because 4 out of 5 of the good ones are from the owner himself trying to defend his "business" from all the bad reviews. Here is an idea: do respectable work and treat people the right way and EARN GOOD REVIEWS!!! I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. Give yourselves a hand Westside Auto Pros! Hopefully your business won't be around too much longer to lie, cheat and steal money from people.


I go here because my husband always has, and so have his parents. They are the kind of people who buy a car and then drive...and drive...and drive it. They do their scheduled maintenance and keep records and take good care of their vehicles. So, I trust their judgement if they've been going to the same place for so long. I do think they may be higher priced than some places in town, but they do have well-trained mechanics. They have helped me out by not charging me a dime for simpler fixes, even though at first they indicated their would be a charge for a diagnostic test, etc. I am happy to pay a little more and feel comfortable with the work done. They are always very friendly, and do a good job of explaining the work that should happen before performing any labor. I never see silly charges on my bill like I have at, for example, Firestone Complete Autocare.


I had them price quote for a hole in the heater core. Was quoted twice as much as what it would cost to get it done where my parents are from (all the way in Pella). Also, what's up with charging people for an estimate? I have a hard time believing that costs in the Des Moines area would be higher than Pella's--after living in Pella for 20 years, I can vouch that it is a much more expensive town to live in than Des Moines.

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