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West of Des Moines sits the city of Waukee, Iowa. Located in Dallas County, this Iowa city has been experiencing rapid growth. Waukee’s population has more than doubled in each of the past two decades, currently around 18,000 and climbing. Massive expansion plans are underway for Waukee, including a 1500-acre neighborhood known as Kettlestone. It will contain mixed housing types, world-class shopping, and community-use green spaces and facilities.

Waukee is a popular place to live— being so close to the city of Des Moines. It’s within easy driving distance to commute, as well as for recreation, such as golfing at the Des Moine Country Club. Being a short distance outside Des Moines, Waukee residents need reliable vehicles to get around, and auto repairs are a fact of life when you own a car.

Westside Auto Pros is the dealer alternative for trustworthy, reliable auto repairs for the residents of Waukee. Located just a short eight-mile drive east of Waukee, the Certified Master Technicians at Westside Auto Pros will take care of all your auto repairs, from broken leaf springs on your Chevy Silverado to head gasket replacement on your older Subaru Forester. Give us a call or stop on by!

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"Great service from start to finish"

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"Very clean shop with top notch techs"

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"Very professional shop with quality technicians"